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Welcome to The Mindful Doctor website, a place for doctors to share their thoughts and feelings relating to the extraordinary gift of being a healer.

Here, the intellectual yields effortlessly to wisdom, and the science of healing dissolves into compassion.  The day to day life of doctors leave little room for contemplation.  The mind is filled with facts, the heart with a heavy burden, and the body comes to ache more deeply with each passing day.  Is it any reason that today’s doctors come to suffer the pain of burnout, the addition to substances, the toll of a depleted body, and the existential ache for meaning in life.

But there is a place all human beings can turn to find insight, rejuvenation, aliveness, and joy.  Mindfulness and other contemplative practices offer one approach to finding this place.  For it is within us all that we carry the key to what for which we spend a lifetime searching.

This website celebrates the wisdom and compassion of doctors.  It offers a forum for personal expression that traipses into forbidden territory -- the landscape of a mind and heart that accepts it vulnerability and gives itself permission to grieve.

We invite you to read and share the materials you find on this website with your doctors, colleagues, and to consider making your own submission.  When we submit, we open our hearts and minds to the deepest of realities and experiences.   


Mindful Prescriptions

“Mourning Rounds”

In this poem, physician and poet, Arvey Rogers reminds us of the tender connection between doctor and patient, a connection that can be lost in the day-to-day shuffle of modern medicine. “Mourning Rounds” offers a poignant reminder of the power of presence and its two way flow. Click here read more.